Usd 480 Negotiated Agreement

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In cases where a student`s parents are divorced or separated, any parent, custody and/or non-freedom has the same rights on the child`s registers, unless a court decision decides otherwise. Private agreements between the student`s parents are not recognized by district staff. The regular presence of all workers dependent on leave is necessary, if any, in district policy or in the negotiated contract. Excessive absences or delays, unauthorized leave or inexcusable absences may result in disciplinary action, including termination of the employment relationship. Before applying sanctions under this directive, employees are entitled to all royalty rights to which they are entitled under their contracts or the provisions of the Kansas Law. Nothing in this policy should restrict the right of the borough to other disciplinary measures. This policy is not intended to alter rights, duties or responsibilities in the agreement currently being negotiated. All interim or provisional agreements are included in a package and subject to review by the Board of Directors. If the House decides that the size of teachers should be reduced, the guidelines of the negotiated agreement should be followed if necessary. Where possible, downsizing is due to wear and tear due to resignations and retirement. Unless otherwise stated in the negotiated agreement, paid leave is granted to any employee appointed to the jury`s obligation and this leave is not deducted from paid leave paid by the employee.

Any reimbursement obtained for the work done on a jury, the lack of mileage and the necessary costs must be paid to the borough. The minimum duration of the school day for dismissed and professional staff is set out in the negotiated agreement. The work schedules of other employees are established by the Superintendent in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the provisions of this directive. The Board of Directors will not engage in a piecemeal ratification of the agreements. The Board of Directors will not act until the teachers` association implements the same set of agreements. If the board of directors and the teachers` association have not reached an agreement at the end of the exit procedures, the Board of Directors takes steps to close the case in accordance with the legal data. An application for the use of school equipment is only made when the applicant executes a user contract stating that the person agrees to pay the fair value of the district for all devices that have been lost, stolen or have suffered irreparable damage. For the purposes of this directive, “irreparable damage” includes damage so severe that the cost of repairing these devices would be greater than the fair value of the equipment. If school equipment is returned damaged, which goes beyond the normal wear and tear of the authorized use, the costs of repairing such equipment are the responsibility of the applicant. The borough can also request the purchase of insurance.

Under the new provisions, protected pensions are not considered non-taxable statutory benefits. However, working people may continue to voluntarily acquire protected tax pensions under a wage reduction agreement. The Board of Directors may announce its ratification of the agreement. The House may grant a notice period provided for by the agreement negotiated or set by the House for other purposes if it is not contrary to the language of negotiation.