Tower And Ground Lease Agreement

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Unlike an extension of the lease, an additional base area rental involves leasing a brand new piece of land to a separate carrier. Once this lease is concluded, the new carrier will install its own equipment on the land, which will allow it to use the existing tower, which is currently part of the original inheritance law. There are different types of mobile phone mast rental contracts that you should pay attention to, and each of them is worth a different amount of rental fees for property owners. Typically, mobile operators and tower companies need approximately 100` x 100` available space for a mobile mast rental contract; However, in some cases, mobile operators can operate with a space of only 300 square feet of total area. This puts both mobile operators and tower companies in a difficult situation, as delays in the internet connection will eventually lead to a loss of profits for their customers, and as such, these companies are literally running to expand their bandwidth to compensate for this high demand. Rents for mobile towers can vary greatly from place to place. As already said, the rental fee of a single mobile operator can exceed $150,000 in a single year for some property owners, while in other places it can hardly exceed $200 per month. This type of mobile mast lease agreement arises when a party wishes to extend the area defined in the original inheritance law. This extension is usually used to extend or update devices or to offer space to a separate mobile operator. In some situations, mobile operators will not consider the implementation of a mobile phone mast at all, but only the use of a small cell associated with a dark fiber optic network. . .