Maximus Canada Collective Agreement

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Most of the time, a friendly working environment and flexible working hours. You may be allowed to work from home instead of going to the office every day, but you need permission. People Some are aggressive, ignorant and controlling The company is very disorganized, but most are again The team I`ve been in has fewer challenges for me to grow as a young business analyst During the operation of the Health Insurance BC program, Maximus met or exceeded our clients` service level requirements (SLRs), while stricter standards of data protection and privacy have been met than most other audiences in managed programs. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Maximus subsidiaries around the world. Second, there is little or no upward mobility in this business You may not be doing what you were hired to do. For example, you can be configured as a developer. However, instead of writing software or programs, most of your work functions can provide technical or user support. You can also be exploited if you are a fixed-term employee. That`s what you do with it.

Most people are friendly, supportive and passionate your needs are different from those of the private sector. Our solutions are tailored to the requirements of government partners. Employees dry up to make others look bad to look beautiful. Management is GROSSLY under-qualified to hold everyone`s career in their hands. Bad place to work. Collaborative, customer-oriented, support for employees, many possibilities….