Lexus Telematics Subscription Service Agreement

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After enjoying the included test phase, you will find the Lexus Enform* subscription that meets your needs. In the United States, vehicles equipped with Safety Connect will be equipped with a one-year subscription, included with the purchase and then renewable each year. [2] All 2018 or new Lexus model year vehicles sold in the U.S. (with the exception of the 2018 GX 460) come with a free 10-year subscription included with the purchase.[3] After the offer in the United States, the telematics service will also be available in Brazil and China. [4] A variety of subscription terms can be purchased. Contact your Lexus dealer, call 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800-255-3987) or press the SOS button in your vehicle for additional subscription details. XM Satellite Radio is responsible for all fees and services that may change. 13 Be sure to respect traffic rules and be aware of road and traffic conditions at all times. The availability and accuracy of the information provided by the navigation system depends on many factors. Use common sense if you rely on the information provided. Applications/services vary by phone/mobile operator; Functionality depends on many factors.

Selected applications use large amounts of data. You are responsible for the fees. Applications and services are subject to change at any time without notice. For more information, see Changes to services and programming are reserved. Services not available in any city or street. Updates may be available from your reseller for an additional fee. You can find more restrictions and details in the user manual. A large number of subscription conditions are available; Fees vary depending on the chosen duration of the subscription. Whether it`s a health emergency, traffic accident, or other emergency requiring assistance, a single press of the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) can connect you to a Safety Connect* Response Center agent 24 hours a day. With your vehicle`s GPS technology, the agent can send emergency services to your vehicle`s location while offering to stay in line with you until help arrives.

Options displayed. Contact with the Response Center may not be available in all areas. Service contract required. A variety of subscription terms available; Fees vary. Lexus Enform and Safety Connect are subscription-based telematics services that use Global Positioning System (GPS) data, on-board mobile phone technology and XM satellite data services to provide subscribers with safety and comfort features. With an active Lexus Enform subscription, the following functions are available: 5The information provided is based on when the data was last collected by the vehicle and may not be up to date. . . .