Lease Agreement Template Word Doc

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A lease is a common legal document that allows a person or business to rent property to the owner. Most housing contracts are valid for one (1) year, while most commercial contracts generally apply for several years. Some of the most important details of a rental agreement to record in the form are: use a rental agreement if you need to rent a room in your property and set rules and limits. For example, you can use this agreement to explain how to allocate rent and incidentals and whether your tenant can show customers around. Deposit – A payment of money made by a tenant to a lessor to “keep” the leased property for a certain period of time, to ensure that the lessor does not rent it to another tenant. Enter the number of days that may elapse before the contract is terminated (and the eviction process begins). Most states need a number of days that must pass before the evacuation process can begin. Enter the day of the month following which a late fee is issued, as well as the amount of the late fee money. For all returned cheques, enter the dollar amount charged to the tenant. Global Agreement – A clause in the lease agreement means that all agreements entered into are included in the document (and its annexes) and no other agreement has been concluded separately. Subletting – The act of introduction of a second (2nd) tenant living in the property next door or in replacement of the original tenant. Periodic Rental – A type of short-term lease that does not have a predefined end date.

May be terminated by the landlord or tenant as long as reasonable notice is given. Important note: It is not the landlord`s responsibility when a tenant hovers over the agreement, signs and later complains about a condition found in the form. It is the tenant`s responsibility to ensure that they agree with all conditions. However, landlords may not include in the agreement a section that conflicts with national law or the Federal Fair Housing Act. This draft lease agreement provides for a term of one year which is the most frequent, but the duration may be longer or shorter, as agreed by the parties. In the first space, enter the date on which the rental period begins. This is the date on which the tenant can take possession of the premises and start using it, and the date on which the rent begins. Ideally, the duration starts on the first day of a calendar month (this approach makes it easier to book and register), but it is not necessary. In the second space, enter the date on which the rental term expires. For example, for a period of one year, this is the date before the anniversary of the launch date, starting on February 1, 2017 and the end of January 31, 2018.

A lease is extremely important for any owner who wants to rent out their property. Even if you`re renting to a friend or family member or only for a short period of time, a lease can help protect you from many problems if (when) things don`t work out.. . . .