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SAP Partner Edge Sell Cloud Specific Terms and Conditions. SAP Premium Engagement Support Services Terms and Conditions SAP Cloud Services Master Agreement for Business Process Outsourcing License Agreement – Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. SAP Cloud Services Terms and Conditions of Sale Indirectly. . . . License and Update Agreement [Amendment #4] – Microsoft Corp. and LookSmart Ltd. . The data processing agreement applies to SAP Cloud services that process personal data. It ensures that your personal data is properly protected and defines the obligation for SAP to maintain the corresponding certifications.

SAP Trade Repository report from VIRUSA Supplement. SAP Professional Services Agreement for SAP as a subcontractor. SAP User Experience by KNOA Cloud Edition Supplement SAP Us Benefits Management Benefit Focus Supplement SAP Service Description for Managed Services HEC AMS. Software License and Service Agreement – Oracle Corp. and NetZero Inc. SAP Business Objects Cloud and Digital Boardroom Supplement. . SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Supplement Terms and Conditions SAP Service Description for SAP Premium Engagement Support Services Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) contain the legal provisions relating to your rights of use, define the property rights over the customer`s data and define the guarantees, limitations of liability and confidentiality. . SAP Service Description for Business Transformation and Plan Services SAP ARIBA Cloud Services Supplier Risk Pay Supplement SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark Supplement PADCA SAP Application Cloud Intergration Schedule V7. . .