Agreement To Kill Peter Rabe

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In short, I`m as much of a fan of these shots as anyone else, and I recently had the opportunity to read a first vintage edition of Farewell My Lovely, so I took it. I understand why people loved him so much and still do. He had serious skills. Creating a solid and believable story with well-motivated characters was not one of them. Westlake was on the money as usual. But he would still have read Chandler a lot before coming to that conclusion. Since I believed, then and now, that Parker was a wolf in human form, and that Westlake wrote it at least sometimes intentionally, I couldn`t help but start when I saw Raven, the story`s title weapon, being portrayed as a “rusty wolf in a cage.” It probably helped me realize that the whole story of his revenge against the men who had met him twice — that`s Parker`s story in The Hunter. Very freely adjusted.